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I find it hard to believe that I have been writing this newsletter for twelve years. The intention of the newsletter was to be educational as well as inspirational and the positive feedback that I have received makes me realize that it has been just that! Hopefully it has helped you solve the puzzle of how to beautify your surroundings, whether you have only a small area in which to garden or are lucky enough not to be able to see your neighbours! 

It has been wonderful sharing experiences and tips with you and long may it still continue






Autumn Gardening

Compost Special



Bugs About



What's Bugging your garden!


  • What's bugging your garden?

Garden Tips



Tips for Growing it yourself

  • Perfect Gardening

  • Flower Power

  • Enter our garden competition!


Living Gifts


              Living Gifts

Take a look at the new trend of Fairy gardening!

Home Grown


Make a fresh Start!

Growing your own vegetables is hot, fashionable, healthy and it makes economic sense! 



Growing Gardener


Growing Gardeners

How to encourage youngsters to garden.