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Flowering Favourite for the month of September 2014

At our two branches - Colourful Corner and Colourful Splendor, our focus is to help you to develop the garden that you have always dreamt about!
For each month of the year, we have a particular focus on the flowers, vegetables, trees, herbs that are bountiful for that month - and we choose a Flowering Favourite - a plant that blooms well in that month. If you follow our advice, you will go a long way towards developing a wonderful, bountiful garden to be admired.
Our staff are  highly knowledgeable and skilled, and are always available to answer even the smallest of questions to help you plan your garden for a most rewarding outcome. 
Come and visit our branches - they are renowned for their vivacious displays of colour and environmental awareness.  You will be captivated by our enthusiasm towards gardeners from all walks of life!


Our theme this year is "Gardening Makes Sense" and we will be supporting this with the following concepts:

                 * Garden Sense (Good Ideas for the Garden)               

                  * Garden Cents (Savings through Promotions) 

                 * Garden Scents (Positive Emotions)          



Nature's Garden 

Garden Scents

Build a Pond from Old Tyre.                                             Beautiful Blooms                 


Our Buddies

Our Friends

View our Friendship Tree - a tree that is blossoming with friends of the Colourful Group! more               



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